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Here you find a selection of my latest projects. Not all projects are online yet but will come soon.

Symmetrical antenna tuner

Wireless microphone set

2m band 9 element long YAGI

GPS LO stabilization for ICOM-910H

3.4 GHZ C-Band LNB Modification (1)

137 MHz Weather FAX Filter

137 MHz QFH Antenna for Weather FAX

Weather FAX Receiver

QO-100 Digital ATV Receiver

GPS stabilized modified 10 GHz LNC for QO-100 reception

2.4 GHz transverter for QO-100 SSB with modified WLAN booster

1.50 m parabolic dish QO-100 SSB uplink antenna

QO-100 Digital ATV Transmitter

2.4 GHz 100 W power amplifier for QO-100

1.80 m parabolic dish QO-100 DATV uplink antenna

1.2 KW shortwave power amplifier

Single output digital controllable power supply for lab

Dual output digital controllable power supply for lab

Magic Eye” VU meter

SSTV audio selector

4m (70 MHz) to 10 m (28 MHz) transverter

6m YAGI antenna

4m and 6 m Quad antennas

Portable analog ATV receiver