Project: GPS stabilized LO for ICOM-IC910H

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Working on the QO-100 satellite in single-side-band mode (SSB) requires stable frequencies. Especially because the receiving and transmitting frequencies are multiplied to reach the 2.4 and 10.49 GHz area.

Currently I use my ICOM-IC910H transceiver, which comes along with 3 bands (2 m, 70 cm, 23 cm) and allows satellite operation because it can receive and transmit at the same time in 2 different bands.

To get a stable local oscillator (LO) reference frequency for the phase-locked-loop (PLL), I have purchased the high stability option, an oven controlled oscillator (OCXO). This works much better than the standard option, but I was still not happy with the frequency stability.

So I purchased a 10 MHz disciplined low phase noise LO board from Dieter, DF9NP, and assembled it together with the OCXO in a separate Box beside the IC-910H transceiver. Feeding the 10 MHz reference clock from my GPS receiver, gives a highly precise transmitting and receiving frequency.

LO board at development stage:

Insulated OCXO and GPS-LO together in the switching box:

Box ready with LEDs for GPS reference clock, locking status and OCXO control:

Setup with IC-910H transceiver

LO frequency measurement; fits perfectly the 30,2 MHz target:

Transmitting test on 435 MHz:

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