Project: 2 m Band 9 Element Long YAGI

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My current 2 m band YAGI antenna was outdated and the performance only on average level. So I decided to build a new one. DK7ZB has some very interessting antenna proposals on his homepage. My selection was to build the 5 m long, 9 element, 28 Ohm YAGI with 12,5 dBd gain. Below some pictures.

Antenna mounted without feed:

Network to mach the 50 Ohm coax cable to the 28 Ohm symmetrical dipol impedance:

SWR at antenna not optimal tuned yet:

Antenna finally mounted on rotor (left side of boom). At the right side there is the 70 cm cross YAGI antenna and the 23 cm loop YAGI on top:

SWR after antenna tuning:

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